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Final words
Well,as promised,the comic is now over. The story is completed and it is time for me to say a couple of words about...well,I don't know! I'm improvising right now...Uhm..Three months have passed since I started doing this comic,and I may say,that those were great times for me! I mean,I had the chance to make something out of nothing.

The idea was born when I was surfing through some online comics sites. I found out about the genre "minimalistic comic". And I knew at that moment,that I could use my disadvantage - not being able to draw well,into advantage. I've been making stick comics ever since I was in the 7th grade,but that was 6 years ago. I was talking about minimalism...I thought "Hey,what is more minimalistic than a dot?" And that's how the dots were born.

I never actually thought,that the comic would end like that. The idea started to form when I drew Chapter 18,and even than I've never thought,that it would end like that! The end was a surprise for me,so to speek

But it is now over! I hope you liked I said - I've got the perfect ending and I didn't won't to fuck up the whole comic. It ended perfectly! I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to all,who have read the comic since chapter 1 and stayed untill the end! You were the reason I made this,really! I'm sorry for all the gramma errors,but Enlgish is not my mothers tounge And to the others,who are going to read it - well,enjoy...and pretend not to see the errors! Thanks.

That's all from me now! If you want to contact me,you can write a mail to
Or you could find me in Skype under the user name "chaosmaster_bg"...

See ya all in the Dreamworld!
Ivo Temelkov...over and out!


Well,this is it! The comic is coming to it's end. And it is just for one reason - I've got the perfect ending! It's simply amazing,if you ask me,but I won't spoil the suprise! Just read the comic and you'll find out! By the way,just a small hint for your brains - the ending begins with Chapter 26...

I've started adding links under the comic,that direct you to the next and previous chapter. I really didn't like the lack of such links,but now they are fact And a new Chapter has been updated!
Background music is back online! I've composed it myself Using FL studio. Anyone,I hope it doesn't annoy you. If it does,well...I'll remove it Just wistle


First,the good news - Comic Update. For God's sake,I have soo much information to put in my fucking head for the exams,that I have no time at all to update!!! Drawing is the easy part,coming up with a nice story - a total different thing!
But I'm not here to grumble... After waiting patiently for OnlineComics to update their database with my comic(they said 2-3 days,I waited 4-5 weeks!) I see no sence in keeping their logo on my front page. They haven't contributet at all to the small popularity of the comic. If I could even use this word...
Anyway,I REALLY want to make this strip popular...If anyone has any ideas,I'm open to them! I'm ready to do much about everything - banner exchange,whatever; just so that more people could see it,because I'm really happy with the story and I would like to share it with even more folks.
It's not about making any profits at all...I just want my voice heard. There wouldn't be any point of making a strip,that only I read,would it be?

So if you can help me,in any way,that would be great! Write an email to
Today,I opened the page and wow - 14 visitors! That's good news for me,and I'm really happy that people actually read the comic! I want to ask you all to add some comments below the chapters or even better - to write something in my guestbook. Thanks! I also want to apologize for not being able to update every day!
I have lots to do right now,because I have some exams on April,20th and I have to study for them,but I haven't forgotten the dots - even better,I have a very good idea how to continue,and belive me, you'll love it!
Note to self : to put a longer than 30sec background music,or to find a better loop! This one is getting on my nerves!
Ambient music and comments added Track name : Asura - Requiem from Nowhere (Album: Lost Eden)

Well I'm back in town! But I didn't do any comics and I have no ideas...I have some ideas,but we'll see how I will catch up!

All the best,
Ivo Temelkov

I won't be at home for the next week,which means,that until April 6th there won't be any updates,but after that I'll put a lot of new chapters. That is if the place I go to has no Internet....

All the best,
Ivo Temelkov
Well,the comic is on and going,I'm just waiting for some things. You could also check it here,if I forget to update on this webpage : click

All the best!
Ivo Temelkov